Armenia, a little treasure

In Armenia, you benefit of the beautiful views, the countless splendid monasteries, the good food and the breathtaking mountains. Lets take a closer look to the marvelous country you may want to discover.  

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The city you shouldn’t miss is the largest in Armenia, Yerevan is a historic city where you will learn a lot about the culture, genocides, and Armenia’s past. 

You should also discover Shikahogh State Reserve, the environment is clean and beautiful. Its also the home of wild animals like leopards, bears and vipers. 

Feel like sunbathing? Spend some time near Lake Sevan, it’s a splendid place where you will enjoy different activities like windsurfing.  

In addition to the places mentioned previously, national parks in Armenia are lovely, if you feel like meditating, Dilijan national park is where you should be headed. 

Nietzsche said “We are, all of us, growing volcanoes.” Let’s get closer to our nature and discover Mount Aragats where a dormant volcano is located. And if you like climbing, don’t think twice about it, it’s the right place! “Barev Armenia” is a tour operator that will make your adventure easier and more organized, so you don’t  miss the nice spots. An English speaking mountain guide is included.  

Once upon a time, a beautiful fortress was built, Amberd fortress will make you feel like you’re in another world and life. Magical views and landscapes will steal your heart. 

So many more places to discover, you will love Armenia, you wouldn’t want to leave, but unfortunately we often do things we don’t want, so why not take a small piece of Armenia with you? Armenian cognac, soviet coins and a pomegranate are some souvenirs I recommend. 

If exploring a beautiful country with splendid landscapes and an interesting culture is an appealing idea to you, you definitely should consider Armenia as your next destination.  


Artists love Paris!

According to Audrey Hepburn: “Paris is always a good idea!” How could we not agree? La vie en rose, good music, best museums, good wine, good monuments, and a good lifestyle. Artists glorify it; Nietzsche, the German philosopher says: “ An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.”

For years, artists wandered in the beautiful streets of Paris, and they still do. But what makes Paris the best place for artists?

On august 10, 1793, one of the world’s largest museum, the musée du Louvre opened its door to the public. Making it one of the most famous tourist attraction in France. The collection is diverse; roman sculptures, crown jewels, paintings, and the list goes on. Overrated or not, the Mona Lisa and her enigmatic smile are something you need to see at least once in a lifetime. A trip to Paris is then necessary. As I mentioned previously, Mona Lisa is not the only masterpiece you will get to see, as an artist or art lover, you surely will adore admiring “Venus de Milo”, “Liberty leading the people”, “Dying slave” and more treasures your arty-soul will love.


“Le penseur” or “The thinker” is something you also must see, located in the Musée Rodin, in Paris. Oh and don’t forget to take a picture imitating the pose!

And if you like contemporary art, you will be satisfied; from the Eiffel Tower( it needs no introduction), to the National museum of modern art, you will feel the magic of the city!

On the other side, guess what will definitely take your breath away? Le theatre du Chatelet. The infrastructure is wonderful and the selection of the shows is brilliant! It’s highly recommended.

Make sure you keep in mind that I can’t list all the artistic places in Paris, but all of them are worth a trip, you will leave with a long lasting impression. Paris, city of art, city of love, city of food, city of fashion, and city of dreams. Best way to end an article about Paris is with THE quote by Jules Renard: “Add two letters to Paris and its Paradise…”